Plastic Welding

At Gemini we utilise several plastic welding processes that are used for the assembly of a variety of items, from small medical components to larger automotive assemblies. Welding occurs as a result of the heat generated at the interface between the parts. This technique is fast, efficient, and non-contaminating. All thermoplastics can be welded but it is a question of selecting the optimum welding process. Gemini have many years of experience engineering parts for this process and have proven that our weld joints are stronger than the parent material.

Welding techniques we used include:

  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Hotplate welding
  • Linear vibration welding
  • Forced air welding

In addition to welding, the ultrasonic process can be used to:

  • Insert
  • Stake
  • Stud weld
  • Degate
  • Spot weld

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